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Thursday, July 28, 2011

UFO Crash off Flagler Beach last night: July 27th 2011

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Just received a great comment from  LPaskalakis. A helicopter was seen chasing this object. Thanks for the Comment! Anyone else with more information on last nights events please feel free to comment below.
Last night the good people of Flagler beach were given a show in the sky last night. They thought they were witnessing a plane crash into the Atlantic and in their panic they called emergency services. The United Sates Coast Guard was dispatched to search for a plane, wreckage, and survivors, however, they found nothing. Radar reported no birds in the air in the vicinity at the time.

The official story: A Chinese lantern crash landed into the Atlantic.

This is a total crock if I've heard one. Chinese lanterns are like hot air balloons and gracefully descend as they run out of fuel and heat - they don't fool the public into thinking an aircraft is crashing.

Flagler beach, FL might well be experiencing its own Shag Harbor at this very moment!
What's interesting is that Flagler beach is very close to the Space Coast (where NASA's Kennedy Space Center and Patrick AFB launch vehicles into space).

This isn't being made very public in Florida, so the word needs to get out.

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Anonymous said...

I was very funny to wake up in the morning and hear about this. That night coming home from the airport my mom and I saw this light zoom across the sky, and chased by a helicopter. After a couple seconds the light disappeared. My joke was that it was a UFO going into hyper speed to escape and didn't event think twice about it.