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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Color of Aquamarine - "Tesla Prodigy" Otis Carr and his OTC-X1:

While UFO hunters was airing this year they interviewed one Ralph Ring. Ralph has an amazing story regarding Otis T. Carr's OTC-X1: A 45 foot, saucer shaped, craft built and housed in the state of Oklahoma. Upon promulgation of this craft General Motors threatened to have it shot down if it ever got off the ground. Carr claims he was taught secret principles by Tesla himself as a young man. Carr later went on to apply the knowledge he had been taught by Tesla in his OTC-X1.
The man in the video is not Otis Carr but did work on the OTC-X1 with Carr. He is a very gifted and intelligent individual by the name of Ralph Ring and is in my opinion a credible and reliable witness. In the clip Ralph goes on to describe how the craft "traversed a distance" ( as Carr would say) of 10 miles in an instant. The fundamental principle driving this craft is that of resonance. By vibrating at the resonant frequency of the destination the craft will take on the frequency and traverse (not fly) the distance to that point.
Carr himself claimed that a contraption named the Utron acted as the engine. It has been said that the Utron is similar to the Searl effect generator. In the video you can see a couple of Utrons actually working!