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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rendlesham Forest and The Utsuro Bune

A well recorded and little known event in the Western world would be the events of the Utsuro Bune. This is a myth dating from circa 1800 Japan. It states that a USO ( unidentified submerged object) washed up on the shore. The inhabitants of the village witnessed the object on the shore stating that is was spherical with strange writing on it. Out of the capsule came a woman dressed in fine clothing. She spoke a different language and was not able to communicate with the locals.
The Rendlesham forest story involves an American Air Force base in England. As I understand the story a UFO began shining a light beam ( as if to scan for something) across several portions of the base. The executive officer at the time a Lt. Colonel Halt led a team into the woods to chase after the craft. Apparently one of them got close enough to record symbols on the craft.
Image from the Utsuro Bune scroll
Writing seen on UFO at Rendelsham Forest
Here I would like to show the similarities between these two writings, despite the time difference of 200 years.It seems rather odd that there would be any similarties between these two. However, it can be seen that the commonality is the triangle with 2 circles. The differences being that the midpoints of the circles are lined up with the midpoints of the triangles in the Utsuro bune while in the Rendlesham the triangle is inscribed within a circle. The midpoints of the two circles seem to be in line with the centroid of the triangle.
I merely wish to present this curiosity and I have no intention of offering an explanation for it. Perhaps in the future there will be a greater connection.