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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flagler Beach, Saigon Fireball connection

Recently a fireball similar to the one over Flagler beach was spotted in Saigon, Vietnam. The following video at time stamp 2:07 shows the Fireball as it was filmed over Saigon.

I'm still not sure if there's a link, or what the link could be if it exists. I'm just trying to report this as I come upon it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

UFO fuel in Earth's atmosphere

A strange sighting around thunderstorms has been an increased number of UFO sightings. Prompting some to believe that UFO's can fuel themselves on some form of energy released or generated by the storms.
A recent article shows that there is a ring around the Earth made up entirely of Anti-matter!
That's right - antimatter! An entire shell of the stuff spiraling around the Earth's magnetic field.

Anti-matter could potentially fuel these objects and would explain why they are so keen to visit our world and why they enjoy our atmosphere so much (with and without storms). It could possible be the case that storms somehow amplify the localization of anti-matter or make it easier to collect in larger amounts for a fast fuel up.

If you want to read more about the ring around the Earth of anti-matter you can check it out here.

It says that each little particle on it's own annihilates with matter (in very low energies and not destroying all known matter). The true potential could lie in a ship that coasts around the planet collecting the stuff for use as a propellant!
In fact, the paper even suggests that Earth may have more anti-particles than the gas giants and other planets in our system - highlighting Earth and setting our blue gem apart.

This could be the beginning of a new dawn for Earth, and for our understanding of our planet, our potential in space, and the visitors we see in our skies.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

UFO Crash at Flagler Beach Update

I previously wrote about the crash the occurred at Flagler beach on the 28th of July, 2011. I've recently found a news post from the local news covering the story on youtube. You can scroll down and see the video.
The official explanation originally was chinese lanterns were falling from the sky. This video goes further into detail. My question is, how do chinese lanterns crash to the earth in a giant fireball seen by dozens of folks? Also, I doubt that would even remotely begin to look like an airplane crashing from the sky! Dozens of folks, just like the reader that commented on my first post, saw this object streak across the sky and crash into the ocean. The police department was flooded by calls after 11pm and even 25 members of the United States Coast Guard saw something crash that night.
The USCG is considering giving the area a second pass to look for wreckage. Then again, who is to say they haven't already "unofficially" swept the site for wreckage. Usually, though, in these cases it's the USNAVY that holds the trump card and manages to handle recovery of anything. Whatever the case, one thing is evident: things are not as they appear in the quiet little town of Flagler Beach.

Monday, August 1, 2011

This week in UFO news:

Baltic Sea, Europe:

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An object was found on the floor of the Baltic sea recently which resembles the Millennium Falcon. The unknown object is several hundred meters in diameter. Sonar images in the youtube video show the date the images were taken was June 19th, 2011. The latitude and longitude have been zeroed out so I've included a general area map of the Baltic sea (above). It's interesting to note that Norway is in the area and back at the end of 2009 the region was treated to the Norway spiral. I wonder if a similar UFO will be found on the seabed near Australia or Upstate NewYork (see Australia spiral and Dan Akyroyd's report of the New York/ Martha's Vineyard Spiral ca 1984)

São Paulo- Brazil:

A mass sighting was reported and made it to the news in Brazil of a giant flying disc with lights on the edge rotating and a single bright light at the center. The reporter is describing what the witnesses saw (while they show you witness video of the object). Later it cuts to a family who took the video and the children are heard asking, " Is it from space?", to which the mother replies, "No"!
The disc seems to stay banked at the same angle with lights at the bottom of the circle and the top glowing brighter in syncopated intervals.
It should be noted the ufo was sighted over São Paulo - which is a heavily populated metropolitan area with millions of people inhabiting it. This is no backwater town, but a major location in Brazil comparable to New York City.

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Brazil is no stranger to UFO sightings. In fact, Brazil has had it's own experience that makes Roswell pale on comparison. In fact, Brazil reported coming under attack from a UFO that was giving residents of a small island 3rd degree burns and radiation sickness. See my other article on Operação Prato (Operation Flying Disk below).
Fort Worth, Texas:

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July 25th, 2011.
A traffic camera in Fort Worth, Texas for station KXAS recorded a strange light performing an impressive aerial maneuver. Watch the video and pay close attention to the top right corner of the footage. KXAS has now requested a video specialist come in to analyze the imagery to determine what the UFO was - if it's even possible to identify.