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Thursday, August 4, 2011

UFO Crash at Flagler Beach Update

I previously wrote about the crash the occurred at Flagler beach on the 28th of July, 2011. I've recently found a news post from the local news covering the story on youtube. You can scroll down and see the video.
The official explanation originally was chinese lanterns were falling from the sky. This video goes further into detail. My question is, how do chinese lanterns crash to the earth in a giant fireball seen by dozens of folks? Also, I doubt that would even remotely begin to look like an airplane crashing from the sky! Dozens of folks, just like the reader that commented on my first post, saw this object streak across the sky and crash into the ocean. The police department was flooded by calls after 11pm and even 25 members of the United States Coast Guard saw something crash that night.
The USCG is considering giving the area a second pass to look for wreckage. Then again, who is to say they haven't already "unofficially" swept the site for wreckage. Usually, though, in these cases it's the USNAVY that holds the trump card and manages to handle recovery of anything. Whatever the case, one thing is evident: things are not as they appear in the quiet little town of Flagler Beach.

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