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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Brazilian Roswell - Operation Flying Saucer

Operação Prato (Operation Flying Saucer ing):
Year: 1977
Location: City of Colares, State of Pará, Brazil  
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Population (ca. 1977): 2000
Organizations Involved: City TownHall, Brazilian Air Force

Beginning around August of 1977 the people of Colares began to witness bizarre lights and phenomena around the region. Colares is an island on the north of Brazil with a bay to the north of the island. The people are generally fisherman and tend to be humble, salt of the earth, people. However, the events that began unfolding on this small island go beyond the bizarre.

Many claim that Colares was the first recorded site of an extraterrestrial attack. They won't come out and say it that way, but the story always ends with beams of light injuring people, leaving them sick, and in one case dead. 

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