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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin: Anti-American?

Lynette Clark was AIP secretary in the 90's and claims that during this time Todd and Sarah Palin were members of the Alaskan Independence Party or AIP. Clark, now the AIP chairman told ABC news of the Palin's membership and even said they attended the 1994 statewide convention in Wasilla.
The time in question is from 1994 - 2002 when both Todd and Sarah Palin were registered as members of the AIP. However, recently these documents seem to have vanished and people such as Clark are starting to say they must have been mistaken about the Palin's involvment with the seccionist group.
Since 1970, when the party first officially appeared on voting ballots in the state of Alaska, the AIP has been working to give Alaskans the right to vote on seceding from the Union, remaining a territory, or becoming a state. While many in the AIP are said to be of diverse opinions on which way to vote on the secession they all agree that Alaska should be placed above the importance of the Union. Clearly, there has to be a lot anti-American sentiment in a group like this which has been quoted as saying " Who needs America".

As for those of you who still have your doubts as to whether or not Sarah was a member take a look at this clip from you tube, before it gets removed, which shows Palin welcoming in the 2008 AIP convention.