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Friday, October 17, 2008

Is Time Travel Finnally A Reality?

Did you ever wish you could right an old wrong, witness history, or maybe just spend a little more time with someone you love that passed away? At the age of 10 Ronald Mallet had lost his father and desperately wished he could travel through time to warn his father about his untimely death. As a student he studied physics and read science fiction novels to keep the fires in his imagination stoked and burning.
Eight years ago on May 8th, 2000 Dr. Ronald Mallet published his first paper on time travel titled, Weak gravitational field of the electromagnetic radiation in a ring laser in the El Sevier physics letters A.
In it Dr. Mallet calculates the gravitational field generated by a ring laser and shows that this field creates a time traveling effect on a test particle within the ring laser. This effect is called inertial-frame dragging and is due to a rotational object altering space-time and dragging a nearby object out of its normal time. Also known as the Lense-Thirring effect frame dragging is generally very small and around the order of trillionths of a second for a satellite in orbit around the Earth.
However, Dr. Mallet has found that by using a ring laser he could exaggerate this effect and create a time machine!
The way the machine works is by generating a rotating ring of laser light one can generate a strong gravitational field that bends space-time. This bending warps time from a straight line into a loop, allowing for time travel. The ring laser is generated by using 1 silvered mirror and 3 normal mirrors arranged in a square. In the image provided the silvered mirror is a position A. The light continues on towards points B,C and D and is reflected again at point A. By using many lasers and many more mirrors one can generate a cylindrical "hallway" which a test particle at point P can travel through. The space within the ring will begin to rotate and thus will frame-drag the particle along with it. Dr. Mallet often compares this with a cup of coffee a coffee bean and a spoon. If you have a coffee bean floating on the coffee and you stir with it with a spoon the coffee will begin to rotate. The coffee bean will be dragged along with it.
So, how does rotating light and space affect time, you might ask? Einstein's theory of General Relativity tells us that matter tells space how to bend and space tells Matter how to move. GR also tells us that E = mc^2. What this means is that Energy and mass are tied together. Putting these two statements one can see that Energy can also tell space how to bend. GR also tells us that space and time are not separate entities but rather are woven together - like a fabric. The fabric of space-time means that warp space one also warps time - this was the genius of Dr. Mallet!

To see the papers authored and published by Dr. Mallet please visit:

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Spike Lee is currently co-writing and directing a movie about Dr. Mallet entitled Time Traveler due out . Dr Mallet also has a book out titled Time Traveler - One man's mission to make time travel a reality. The book is out now in stores. As of yet no word on when the movie will begin filming or when to expect a release date.

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