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Monday, October 18, 2010

Update on Manhattan Lights

Recently the lights that were seen over Manhattan on October 13th were spotted over El Paso. Interestingly the lights and their strange maneuvers are being recorded by news cameras. The lights were spotted at night, sparking off a lot of calls to the news channel and they calls were mostly consistent in reporting the same phenomenon.
The lights are linked to Manhattan because of the similarity in number and maneuverability, as well as tails recorded streaming from them. (Recall that the night video of the Manhattan objects below the reporters zoomed in on one and spotted a tail).
These strange sightings began on October 13th, 2010 in Manhattan during the entire day and part of the night. A retired officer from NORAD, one Stanley A. Fulham, published a book earlier this year about the strange UFO encounters and the documents he had about them while at NORAD. In his book "Challenges of Change ed. 3" Challenges of Change, Book 1 he also states that, world wide, UFO's will be seen tentatively on October 13th of 2010. While there were many other cities that reported similar lights as seen on my October 14th posting, the sightings were certainly not a world wide "Independence Day" style First Contact as it was made to sound. Nevertheless, it is strange that these lights continue to appear and that official stories continue to change regarding them as time goes on.

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