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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Contact and Disclosure slated for Today?

 There has been a long build up to UFO disclosure this decade. It may have begun quietly with documentaries and science fiction movies, but this last year has seen a more serious tone on the ET front. With President Obama's administration holding a press conference on the issue of disclosure, and more recently in a book written by a former NORAD officer (rank still unknown to me) Stanley A. Fulham.

Officer Fulham has written in his recent 3rd edition book that on today's date, October 13th, 2010 there will be a massive FIRST CONTACT with alien craft hovering over every major city in a very similar way to the movie Independence Day.
However, as of yet there have been no major sightings or reports throughout the day of any strange craft hovering over any major cities.
Although Officer Fulham did state the date as being tentative, it does not lend any credence to any future predictions for Disclosure and first contact on his part. Yoga Berra once said, "Predicting is a risky business, especially if it's about the future".

 This does, however, give a much major push to disclosure. It feels as though disclosure is coming imminently closer.  Recently, it was announced by the discoverers of exoplanet Gliese 581 G (Prounounced Glee-suh after the German astronomer that cataloged that system's sun Gliese 581) believe there to be a 100% of life on that world. At 20 light years away, Gliese 581 g (believed to have been named Zarmina) is a stone's throw away in the cosmic scale of the universe.
Artistic Rendering of Gliese 581 g (Zarmina)
NASA 2007 image of the Sun Star Gliese 581 

 The statement that Zarmina contains life on it is currently hotly contested. Although I'm sure a few of you will be interested to know that this planet is in the Libra constellation. Currently, more analysis and equipment capable of taking far more data from the planetary system is needed before it is even known if Zarmina(Gliese 581 G) has an atmosphere, the composition of the atmosphere and if there is liquid water on the planet. 

 Further hastening the Disclosure movement is the following video from December of 2009 from the Obama administration: 

Stan Fulham claims that the ET's will try to make First Contact today (13 Oct. 2010) due to CO2 rising to a dangerously high critical mass of 22%. Currently the only major news happening in the world is the rescue of 33 Chilean miners having been trapped in a collapsed mine shaft for several months. 
You can see an interview with Stan Fulham talking about his new book, and his experiences as an Air Force Officer and NORAD officer here:  

The book where he discusses First Contact, and other topics such as the economic crisis, etc. is titled "The Challenges of Change, 3rd edition".     

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