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Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it possible to Identity the first UFO sighting?

The photo on the right is a well known image of Kenneth Arnold. A trained observer as a pilot, while flying his private plane near Mt. Rainer, Washington he observed a squadron of 9Unidentified flying objects on the 24th of June 1947, only a couple of months before the Roswell incident. He described them as "saucers skipping across a lake"; hence the term flying saucer. Notice the similarity of the craft Arnold saw to the craft on the left. That is a Nazi design by the Horton Brothers - the Horton Ho 229. The following is an excerpt taken from, "[Interestingly, the Horten brothers were helped in their bid for German government support when Northrop patents for the N-1M appeared in US Patent Office's "Official Gazette" on May 13, 1941, and then in the International Aeronautical journal "Interavia" on November 18, 1941.]".
Following this Horton - Northrop connection it is interesting to come across the flying wing designs that Northrop was testing during the late 40's; particularly during 1947 and 1948. It is possible that what Kenneth Arnold saw that on the summer day was a test flight of these Northrop designs. This is not to imply that Northrop had a more sinister role in the war. Much to the contrary Northrop produced amazing aircraft that helped defeat the Germans. This could simply be considered as spoils of war; using this technology to turn the tide of the cold war and future warfare. At this point all of this is speculation - but it is a plausible explanation. This explanation would also be a testament to Arnold's reliability as a trained observer. I'd like to hear thoughts on this from everyone out there - so please feel free to comment on this.

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